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Bio: Travelnista - Indonesian Recreation Direction that is Famous in the Eyes of the World

Travelnista - Toppers had a chance to visit Lake Toba? This lake with unmatched beauty is the largest volcanic lake in Southeast Asia and the second largest in the world after Lake Victoria. Lake Toba has long been popular as one of Indonesia's favorite tourist attractions that have been frequently visited since the 1980s, you know!

Travelnista - Indonesia's popular tourist spot in the world has an area of ??1,145 square kilometers. In the middle of the lake is Samosir Island, which is almost the size of Singapore. Can you imagine Toppers, how magnificent this Lake Toba is?

Travelnista - Except for the widest, this lake is also one of the deepest lakes in the world with a depth of about 450 meters. For Toppers who are in the middle or want to visit North Sumatra, take a stop to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba.